LM.R61.B5-4 LCD Display Controller Board with VGA DVI Input

Model: LM.R61.B5-4
Input: VGA/DVI
Support Resolution: Max 1920x1080
Panel Signal: Single/Dual LVDS (8 bit)
Product description: LM.R61.B5-4 LCD Display Controller Board with VGA DVI input,, LVDS panel signal output,support Max resolution 1920x1200 and 1920x1080

LM.R61.B* is a control board of LCD Monitor, maximum resolution supported is 1920*1080. It has DVI and VGA  input ports, supports signal of horizontal synchronization signal  range from 30 to 80 KHz,  vertical synchronization signal  range from 50  to 75 Hz. There is an audio power amplifier of 2x1W (8Ω) on board. Also , LM.R61.B* supports DLC.

We provide perfect software service, including customize LOGO, OSD language, etc. To facilitate your manufacture, we provide : excellent burn-mode, ADC adjustment and save result automaticly, burn EDID data from bar code scanner automaticly .We also provide monitor drivers for Windows OS.


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